VAM<sup>™</sup> accelerates growth for small businesses.

Create value. Drive revenue.

VAM accelerates growth for small businesses.

At Argosy Private Equity, we believe in being active investors. That’s why we developed the Value Acceleration Methodology, or VAM™ — our proprietary playbook for growing small businesses.

Drawing from decades of experience, our strategic framework institutionalizes best practices across key areas. The result is a more professional organization, firmly aligned around an established vision, culture, and priorities.

Strong focus on accelerating EBITDA growth and improving business quality and costs. With the support of Argosy Private Equity’s experienced operating partners — and our CEO Networking and Summit initiative — VAM™ has helped lower middle market businesses flourish.

VAM<sup>™</sup> accelerates growth for small businesses.

Discover the VAM process

Putting expertise
within businesses’ reach

Our full-time operating partners know how to grow businesses because they’ve done it themselves. VAM™ combines their collective executive insights and Argosy decades of experience — and distills it into one comprehensive playbook.


sectors of industry


operating partners





A trusted stable

of external experts and consulting firms

Lessons learned

from five Argosy private equity funds

Deal generation


Value creation

Exit value optimization

Strategic planning
& partnership

The VAM process begins even before an investment is made. Argosy Private Equity operating partners collaborate closely with management teams to map out a value creation plan that spans the investment’s full life cycle.

Deal generation


Value creation

Exit value optimization

Strategic planning<br />& partnership

A complete
toolkit for growing
small businesses

VAM leverages a comprehensive library of timeless and cutting-edge business tools to spur growth across three primary levers.

Strategic planning<br />& partnership

Operational Improvement

  • Lean basics & cell lead training
  • 5S
  • Six-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)
  • And more


  • Talent assessment
  • Talent development
  • Performance Management Program (PMP)/15Five
  • And more

Revenue Drivers

  • Voice of Customer (VoC)
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategy deployment
  • And more

“Partnering with Argosy afforded Sussex Wire the opportunity to accelerate value creation through their Value Acceleration Methodology (VAM™), proactive engagement in our acquisitive strategy and providing constructive guidance within board meetings.  Most importantly, I believe they’re good guys.”

Tim Kardish - CEO of Sussex Wire
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