CEO Networking and Summits

CEO Networking and Summits

Argosy strives to build a collaborative culture within its portfolio companies. Argosy’s operating partner team brings together management teams from its portfolio companies to network and share best practices. These summits allow for continued learning and development of our VAM™ toolkit.

CEO Networking and Summits


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CEO Summits to date


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CEO & Other C-level Summit Initiatives

Over the past 7 years, Argosy has provided its CEOs and C-level executives with direct access to market leaders in the following topics:

  1. 15Five
  2. B2B Lead Generation
  3. Driving a High Performing Culture
  4. Executive coach and teambuilding experts
  5. Executive Search
  6. Getting Ready for the Exit
  7. Lean - continuous improvement
  8. Leveraging LinkedIn
  9. Negotiating in the Real World
  10. Organizational Health
  11. Pricing strategy
  12. Recruiting and Retaining Talent
  13. Sales and Marketing
  14. Score carding and Onboarding
  15. Strategic planning
  16. Strategic Selling for the CEO
  17. Talent acquisition in the 21st Century
  18. Lessons Learned from CEOs

“Argosy recruited me for the KICTeam CEO role. What I found incredibly useful is that Argosy trusted me to take the reins and valued my industry experience and leadership. They were not heavy handed, they found the right operating rhythm with the Company and me. They were there for support when I needed them and always provided an objective sounding board that was indispensable for me in executing on our business plan.”

Ian McCormick - CEO of Enefco, d/b/a KICTEAM