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April 23, 2024
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Argosy Private Equity Named 2024 SBIC of the Year – Established Manager

Argosy Private Equity (“Argosy”) is pleased to announce we have been named the 2024 Small Business Investment Company (“SBIC”) of the Year – Established Manager. The SBIC of the Year award is administered by the Small Business Administration’s (“SBA”) Office of Investment and Innovation. This is the second time Argosy has been named SBIC of the Year. 1

Over the past three decades, Argosy has demonstrated a strong commitment to investing in and collaborating with U.S. small businesses. Through six SBIC-licensed funds, we have partnered with over 130 companies across 34 states, aligning closely with the SBIC program’s mission to provide financing for small business growth, expansion, and modernization.

The SBA has overseen SBICs since 1958. The SBIC program, which Argosy has participated in since 1997, currently manages over $42 billion in assets and includes over 310 private funds covering various investment strategies such as mezzanine, private credit, buyout, growth, venture, and multi-strategy.

Lane Wiggers, Managing Partner of Argosy Private Equity, stated, “We are humbled by this prestigious recognition. Not only is it a testament of the results we have achieved for our investors and the impact we have had on the communities in which we do business, but also the power of Argosy’s proprietary Value Acceleration Methodology (VAM™). It’s not just a tagline, but a philosophy we actively support through dedicated resources and partnership with our portfolio companies to implement improvements for sustained growth.”

Keven Shanahan, Managing Partner of Argosy Private Equity, added, “As the recipient of the SBIC of the Year award for Established Managers, Argosy proudly represents a legacy of excellence and stewardship in the investment landscape. With gratitude to the SBA and our colleagues, we embrace this recognition as validation of our commitment to empowering small businesses and supporting sustainable growth.”

Please click here to read the full press release: SBA Recognizes 2024 SBIC of the Year

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1This award is the opinion of the party conferring the award and not of Argosy. The SBIC of the Year award was administered by the SBA’s Office of Investment and Innovation and issued on March 7, 2024. Argosy submitted a nomination, which was based on activity as of December 7, 2023. There can be no assurance that other providers or surveys would reach the same conclusion as the foregoing.