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September 30, 2022
Private Equity

Argosy Private Equity Exits Component Sourcing International

We are pleased to announce that Argosy Private Equity has exited its investment in Component Sourcing International through a sale to CPC, LLC.

Founded in 1982, CSI is a premier Supply-Chain-as-a-Service provider specializing in global sourcing and supply chain management of OEM and aftermarket components for a diverse set of industrial, equipment, construction and other customers. Argosy implemented its Value Acceleration Methodology (“VAM™”), leveraging the Company’s current CEO, John Hornberger and other senior leaders to further penetrate existing markets and expand into new industry verticals. Over the course of our hold period, the Company made three add-on acquisitions, starting with CSI in 2014, Alltech Pro, LLC in 2021, and most recently AMIC Global in March 2022. In addition to the acquisitions, Argosy helped professionalize the Company with key hires in the Global Sourcing department, upgrading facilities and systems infrastructure, and implementing sales and marketing improvements and lead generation initiatives. These VAM™ initiatives allowed CSI to more than quintuple EBITDA over our hold period.

“Having just celebrated my 20th anniversary with the Company, it is a bittersweet ending to my tenure with Argosy as my partner. Argosy helped transform what was a nice lifestyle business into a world class global sourcing organization using the VAM™ business system. Strategic planning, policy deployment and performance management transformed CSI. With our rock-solid foundation and our incredible team, CSI has an incredibly bright future solving complex supply chain problems globally.” said John Hornberger, CEO of CSI.

“I could not be prouder of this management team at CSI under the direction of first time CEO John Hornberger and what they accomplished. It is incredibly rewarding to see leaders like John flourish and embrace the continuous learning mindset that is the hallmark of our VAM™ Program.” said Don Charlton, Chairman of CSI and Partner at Argosy Private Equity.

“During the last eleven years, CSI has experienced a fair share of internal and external challenges. What truly distinguished this team was the high performing culture they built over the last five years. It has been very rewarding to observe this team come together behind the tremendous, service-oriented leadership of John Hornberger.” said John Broderick, Director of CSI and Operating Partner at Argosy Private Equity.

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